My Hero Academia Shares Surprising Fact About Izuku's First Costume

Midoriya has earned his place as the protagonist of My Hero Academia time and time again, [...]

Midoriya has earned his place as the protagonist of My Hero Academia time and time again, inheriting the Quirk of One For All from his hero All Might, but the first time he donned a costume had fans scratching their head as his idea for a superhero suit was laughable and an interesting factoid about Deku's outfit has been revealed. Though Izuku kept the general color scheme of the original suit, he has since nixed a number of the more ridiculous elements of the costume that was attempting to pay homage to All Might in several strange ways.

Deku's first outfit made him look like a green rabbit, as he was attempting to honor his mentor with a weird combination of design choices. Midoriya's original costume came with a bizarre mask that had a giant smile like face mask, as well as strange extensions that look like rabbit ears. As time went on, Izuku tailored his outfit and has changed with slight tweaks, though the mask part of the costume has been ditched almost completely. As Midoriya learns how to better harness the Quirk of One For All, we fully expect his crime-fighting outfit to change more over time until he has finally achieved the status of the "Symbol of Peace"!

One Twitter User shared the little known fact that Midoriya original costume only cost around four hundred dollars to make, which is especially shocking considering Deku had the best of the best to work on his outfit and ended up with a suit that left fans scratching their heads:

My Hero Academia is set to return to the world of anime with its fifth season arriving this spring, pitting the students of Class 1-A against their rivals in Class 1-B, which will have Deku front and center as he learns more about his inherited Quirk. Though Midoriya's outfit hasn't changed substantially, there have definitely been a number of tweaks that have not only improved his aesthetic but given him more control over the number of powers at his disposal!

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