My Hero Academia Pits Mirio Against Shigaraki At Last

My Hero Academia is heating up with the final war between the heroes and villains, and the newest chapter of the series has started a dream match between Mirio Togata and Tomura Shigaraki! When Mirio was first introduced to the series, he was poised to be one of the most important characters in the franchise overall. This seemed to be the case until he had lost his quirk and was relegated to the background until the final act of the series. Now that the fight against Shigaraki has reached a whole new level, Mirio has stepped into the spotlight once again.

With the series previously reaching new stopping points in the fights with Dabi and All For One, the focus has shifted back to the fight against Shigaraki. Bakugo and the others have been struggling to deal any kind of real damage to the villain, and the heroes are running out of options to buy time for Izuku Midoriya to get to the battlefield. The previous chapter then ended with the promise that Mirio and the rest of the Big Three would be entering the fight with their first real team up in the series, and now it's all coming to fruition. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 360 of My Hero Academia kicks off shortly after Bakugo was dealt a major blow with Shigaraki's decay powers, and the Big Three jump in to save him. Their teamwork ends up allowing Bakugo to slip through Shigaraki's fingers, and Mirio ends up doing the best against the villain so far thanks to his phasing quirk. He reveals that his role for this final war was to serve as a messenger and bodyguard that could quickly move through the battlefield, and now that he's fighting Shigaraki he's trying his best to understand the villain's motives. 

Mirio then catches Shigaraki off guard by noting that he just doesn't have any friends, and his power makes it perfect for dodging all of Shigaraki's physical attacks. Now it just remains to be seen what Mirio's role in this fight will be as it continues, and whether or not he actually plays a significant role in bringing the villain down once and for all. Because as of now, he only wants to buy time for as long as he can until Izuku gets there. 

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