My Hero Academia Star Laughs Off Recent Pokemon Mix-Up

Pokemon recently released a music video from the studio responsible for My Hero Academia that featured trainers within the Galar Region beginning their journey and recently, a hilarious mix up took place with the composer of the brief animated segment as it turns out that their name wasn't too different from another creator in the world of anime. While there has never been an official crossover between Pokemon and My Hero Academia, as the former isn't considered a Shonen series so we won't be seeing Ash Ketchum and Pikachu appear in the likes of Jump Force any time soon!

My Hero Academia and Pokemon are clearly two of the most popular anime franchises running today, with the adventures of Ash Ketchum having run for decades. Though Ash doesn't seem to be aging up any time soon, Deku and company have been going through their fair share of life threatening adventures that definitely have put them into the same spots as their adult counterparts. While the two franchises will most likely never find themselves in either's universe, this "crossover" through the studio responsible for UA Academy's anime does a fantastic job of seeing what pocket monsters would look like if animated in the style of Class 1-A!

Yuki Hayashi, the composer of the video, and Yuki Hayasha, an animator that has worked on series such as Driland and Kyousogiga, had a nice laugh over social media as they realized that they had been mixed up with one another following the release of the Pokemon music video of "Gotcha":

My Hero Academia has recently announced that its fifth season will be airing next spring, seeing Class 1-A and Class 1-B come to blows, and Pokemon Journeys continues to air on a regular basis as it follows Ash and Goh attempting to bring down the current champion of Galar in Leon.

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