Pokemon Journeys Releases Full 'Darkest Day' Trailer

Pokemon Journeys: The Series will soon be launching a huge new arc based on the "Darkest Day" storyline from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, and now the anime has debuted the first full trailer for this major undertaking. Beginning later this October after the anime officially moves to its Friday time slot, this new arc will see Ash and Goh suddenly confronting many of the Legendary Pokemon and events from late in the Sword and Shield games' story. After largely avoiding the Galar region through the newest series thus far, this arc will be the fullest dive into the region yet.

You can check out the trailer for the arc in the video above, and Pokemon Journeys: The Series describes the Darkest Day arc as such, "The giant-sized Pokemon are rampaging about!? [Ash and Goh] set off to research the strange phenomenon taking place there in the Galar region. Once they arrive, our heroes come face-to-face with the giant, rampaging Pokemon themselves."

The synopsis continues as such, "It turns out the rampage is being caused by an organization scheming behind the scenes to recreate the 'Black Night,' a great catastrophe that befell the Galar region a long, long time ago! Once all the mysteries are solved, the revival of this great catastrophe will roar out across the land! Just as it seems though the entire Galar region is being thrown in a whirlwind of chaos, the two legendary heroes awaken from their slumber."

Pokemon Journeys Darkest Day Arc Zacian Zamazenta
(Photo: The Pokemon Journeys)

Reports currently are circulating that the Darkest Day arc will last for four episodes overall, but that has yet to be confirmed as of this writing. What is confirmed through this trailer, however, is the anime debut of Galar Legendaries like Zacian, Zamazenta, and even Eternatus. But there are a few other Legendaries to be spotted as well.

Coinciding with the Galar Legendaries are the confirmed return of the Kanto Legendaries Zapdos and Mewtwo to the anime. They are only briefly seen in the promo, so it's hard to guess how involved they will be in the upcoming episodes. But it's clear that Ash and Goh will be facing off some of their toughest challenges in the season yet.


What did you think of this trailer for Pokemon Journeys: The Series' upcoming Darkest Day arc? What are you most excited to see from the Galar Legendaries? Which moments from the Sword and Shield games are you hoping to see in the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!