My Hero Academia Cosplay Celebrates Mina Ahead of Season 7

My Hero Academia Season 6 has wrapped up its final episodes, and now one awesome cosplay is gearing up for Mina Ashido's return to action in the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 7. The My Hero Academia anime ended one of its most intense seasons of the series to date as it took on the first stage of the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original My Hero Academia manga. This first stage put Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes through some trying times as the hero society continues to fall apart in Japan following the massive war against the Paranormal Liberation Front. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 was announced to be in the works following the final episodes of Season 6, and it will test the heroes even more as they prepare for the final battle against the villains. It has yet to be revealed when exactly we will get to see the My Hero Academia anime return with new episodes, but one awesome cosplay from artist @jen_rossyion on TikTok is gearing up Mina Ashido for her return to action in the new My Hero Academia season! Check it out: 


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My Hero Academia Season 7: What to Know

My Hero Academia Season 7 was announced to be in the works, and has yet to reveal when the new episodes will premiere. The final moments of My Hero Academia Season 6 saw Deku and the other young heroes figure out that All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, and the other villains will be making their final move in a much quicker timeline than they had expected. That means while My Hero Academia Season 6 has ended, there is going to be a much more massive fight coming ahead in the upcoming Season 7 of the My Hero Academia anime. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 will be tackling the Final Act of the My Hero Academia manga in full when the anime returns with new episodes. The anime is gearing up for the final battles that are currently in action in the My Hero Academia manga's newest chapters, but it's yet to be revealed whether or not the anime will actually come to an end given how little of the manga still has to flesh out with its ongoing chapters

What are you hoping to see from Mina Ashido and the other heroes in My Hero Academia Season 7? Let us know all of your thoughts about everything My Hero Academia and other anime in the comments!