My Hero Academia Confirms Season 5 Release Window with New Poster

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has released its first trailer, giving us an idea of what Midoriya and company will be up to when the series returns next year, and the franchise has released a brand new poster as well as hinting at when we can expect Class 1-A to return to television screens. The next season of the series will have Class 1-A battling against Class 1-B, attempting to hold their place as the top class in UA Academy as they each attempt to become professional crime fighters for their own unique reasons!

The fourth season saw Class 1-A battle against two very different threats, the first being far more serious in the form of Overhaul and his band of Yakuza that were attempting to eliminate the Quirks of the heroes via a unique cocktail. Following Overhaul's defeat, and subsequent crippling at the hands of Shigaraki, Midoriya and his friends participated in a light hearted adventure in the form of the Cultural Festival Arc. Forming a band and performing insanely well, Deku was forced to fight against the social media super villain in Gentle Criminal, who might not have been as terrifying as Overhaul, but definitely was strong in his own right.

The Official Twitter Account for My Hero Academia shared the first poster for the fifth season, showing off the familiar characters from both Class 1-A and Class 1-B, as well as the release window for the arrival of these new stories that will be landing in Spring of next year, 2021:

The fifth season is going to give fans a lot to digest when it comes to where the series is headed, not just with Midoriya learning new secrets of One For All, but also when it comes to the lives of the villains that have been throwing a wrench into the works of UA Academy throughout the previous four seasons.

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