My Hero Academia Cosplay Readies For Battle With Fem Deku

Of the many Shonen protagonists that been introduced to the medium of anime over the years, perhaps one of the biggest has definitely been My Hero Academia's Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, and fans have responded to his popularity by creating pieces of fan work that continue to resonate, with one fan making some stylish, gender bending cosplay of their own! With Season 5 being hinted at returning next year and the manga telling one of the biggest stories of UA Academy to date, now is definitely one of the best times to celebrate the most popular super hero anime franchise!

When last we saw Deku at the end of the fourth season of My Hero Academia, he had unlocked a mysterious new side of the quirk he inherited from All Might in One For All. Venturing inside of his own head, Midoriya bore witness to the previous wielders of his Quirk, hinting that Deku might have more than a few new powers that are coming his way outside of All Might's strength and speed. With the manga featuring Deku and Shigaraki in a life or death battle, anything can happen and it's clear that both the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia will never be the same!

Instagram Cosplayer Figaro Cosplay shared this new take on the lead young hero of UA Academy whose story has helped make My Hero Academia into one of the most popular Shonen series in the world of anime today, most likely weaving more stories of this world for years to come:

Deku's journey is far from over and the fifth season will see him gaining abilities that he never thought possible, as well as work toward not only become a crime fighter himself, but the inheritor of the title of the "Symbol of Peace". Certainly, with all the work he's put in in the past, Midoriya's future looks bright, should he survive his latest battles of course!

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