My Hero Academia Sneaks in Clever Meta Liberation Army Introduction

As the anime for My Hero Academia continues with its fourth season, the Pro Hero Arc features Endeavor, Hawks, and a "High End Nomu" but has given us a clever Easter Egg when it comes to a big threat for the future of the franchise in the Meta Liberation Army. Without going into super spoiler territory, the Meta Liberation Army is one of the biggest upcoming threats for the students of UA Academy and will shake the foundation of the franchise to its core. With this latest episode, the organization has hinted at its presence just a little bit more.

In this latest episode of My Hero Academia, a new number one hero has been chosen with the flame headed hero Endeavor. With Hawks being ranked as number two, the two top heroes go together about as well as honey and vinegar. This new dynamic duo try to get to know one another a little bit better as they walk down the street, encountering a former salary man who plans to use his Quirk in order to bring his former workplace to the ground. Teruo Hazukashi planned to use his unique Quirk of shame to grant himself more power to destroy his former office environment!

Hazukashi was apparently pushed forward thanks in part to his reading of the "Meta Liberation Army" doctrine, a book that has become a top seller in the age of All Might's retirement. With citizens searching for meaning, many have begun to gravitate toward the "dark side" and the Meta Liberation Army is a perfect avenue for many unsuspecting citizens to venture into. Now, we'll dive a little more into the origins and the Meta Liberation Army and what it means for the future of My Hero Academia!

Warning! Spoilers for My Hero Academia's Manga incoming!

The Meta Liberation Army was created by the antagonist of Destro, who was eventually killed due to his rallying of the people against the government. Destro had one goal: a world wherein people would not be limited in how they used their Quirks, for good or for ill. Following Destro's death, his son Re-Destro takes over the reins of the operation and attempts to finish his father's work.


In the manga, the Meta Liberation Army joins with the League of Villains with Shigaraki becoming the leader of both, creating the Paranormal Liberation Front! Needless to say, it will be interesting to see the full force of the Army arrive in the anime.

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