My Hero Academia Preps Dabi's Final Showdown with Shoto

My Hero Academia knows how to tug at its fans' heartstrings, and the manga is making great use of that skill these days. Kohei Horikoshi has brought the manga into its final arc, and all eyes are on its pros as they settle in for a long fight. After all, the League has been separated, and Dabi is ready to let loose for once in his life. But rather than beat on his dad, Dabi will spend his final fight in My Hero Academia with his younger brother, Shoto.

This all comes on the heels of chapter 345 being released. Shonen Jump put out the big release not long ago, and it was there all eyes found Shoto as he prepared for a bitter battle. The pro heroes succeeded in splitting the League of Villains apart, leaving each of its heroes to do their own part. While Izuku did get turned around at the last minute, it seems Shoto's strategy worked out perfectly, and that means is facing Dabi right now.

Of course, the two are shown facing off against each other while other heroes like Iida fight in the background. It seems Burnin is also on the scene of this battle, but the main showdown will be between Shoto and Dabi. After all, the pair are brothers, and Shoto is determined to bear the weight of his older brother no matter what.

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As you can see, All For One is pleased to see Shoto fighting Dabi, and he tells as much to Endeavor. The villain goes so far as to accuse the Number One Hero of "forcing [his] youngest to clean up" his messes while throwing more abuse to Dabi. All For One cannot understand why Shoto would take on this responsibility, but Endeavor knows it all too well. The pro cannot be the hero his family needs, but Shoto can instill that hope after surviving Endeavor's abuse and coming out the other side. But as for whether or not Dabi will let himself be saved, well – that is the question My Hero Academia fans are dying to see answered. 

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