My Hero Academia Reveals Shigaraki's Ultimate Defense

My Hero Academia has built Shigaraki into a genuine monster over the last few years. If you did not know, the manga has given the villain some major power boosts, and many would go so far as to call him unstoppable now. Between his army and his ethos, Shigaraki is someone to fear, but he can be backed into a corner. But now, well – My Hero Academia has given the boy an ultimate defense to help counter our pro heroes.

The update came this week when the manga posted chapter 366 to the world. It was there fans watched as Shigaraki abandoned the form we've grown used to in the final act. He rid himself of the monstrous tentacles sprouting from his body, and those fingers were no longer searching to kill.

No, those fingers have gone elsewhere. Shigaraki's body has found a "new ideal form" that wraps him in tons of hands and gifts him a giant one with fingers resembling his dead family. So clearly, things just took a bad turn.

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Best Jeanist is the first to call out the form for what it is, and it is hard to counter it. "That's clearly a defensive form, one that rejects everything," the pro admits. And given how the form won't let anyone near him, Best Jeanist was right on the money.

Of course, there is only one person who could hope to get through Shigaraki's defense, and it isn't anyone at the school up until now. That hope is none other than Izuku, and chapter 366 ends with the boy arriving at his high school for battle. Soon, fans will get to see how their powers fair as they go head-to-head once again. And to everyone else on the battlefield, they might want to find some higher ground ASAP. 

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