My Hero Academia Explains the Horrifying Origin and Meaning Behind Shigaraki's Hands

My Hero Academia explained the horrifying meaning and origins behind all of the hands Tomura [...]

My Hero Academia explained the horrifying meaning and origins behind all of the hands Tomura Shigaraki wears around his body. Not only has Shigaraki been a memorable villain since his debut, but his look made him all the more intriguing as the decorative hands around his body went along with the nature of his decaying quirk. But as the series continued, fans began to see that these hands were far more important that just a costume statement. With the newest episode of the series, anime fans finally got the horrific explanation behind why he wears them and where they're from.

The newest episode of the fifth season officially kicked off the My Villain Academia arc, and with it gave us the first glimpse at Tomura Shigaraki's origin story when he was first recruited by All For One as a child. This also included an explanation behind the hands, and it's revealed that they are actually the remnants of his family that he had killed. Hands that he keeps wearing around himself to continue tapping into an a calm kind of anger that he himself does not know the full origins of.

The newest episode sees Shigaraki explain that he doesn't remember much of his past before meeting All For One, and can only see broken glimpses of it. A flashback reveals that when All For One had recruited him as a child, he had gathered the hands of Shigaraki's family. He explains to the young boy that he had a quirk that manifested and resulted in the killing of his family, and thus Shigaraki formed a strange attachment to them.

He explains that it's strange, but Shigaraki feels calm when he wears the hands of his dead family. The feeling of it makes him feel sick and strange because it's not like he remembers them clearly enough, but at the same time, it's the only real connection that he has to his fragmented past. Still, he does feel a surging anger with these hands surrounding him. This anger has been driving him the entire time, and it all started with this horrific yet tragic origin that revealed a piece of Shigaraki we had not known about this entire time.

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