My Hero Academia Flashback Shares New Look at Star and Stripe's Past

My Hero Academia shared a new look into Star and Stripe's past with a flashback in the newest chapter of the manga! The first major battle of the Final Act's second arc is now underway as Tomura Shigaraki's new power is squaring off against the United States of America's number one hero, and with it fans have seen a little of what both of these powerhouses can do. At the same time, fans have gotten windows into how Star and Stripe herself thinks as she represents the best of what Amercia's superheroes have to offer. 

As the fight between the two reaches its climax in the newest chapter, fans got a new look into Star and Stripe's past. While we have previously seen looks into her past as she revealed how All Might inspired her path to heroism, and a previous look at her relationship with her flight team, the newest chapter of the series dug into this connection with her "Bros" a little more with a flashback in the newest chapter. A flashback that shows us another side of the bold and brash American hero. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 332 of the series opens with a look back at one of Star and Stripe's training sessions with her flight team. While we have previously seen all of them declare with one another how easily they'd give their lives for each other, the flashback here actually gives us a better understanding of just how closely she thinks of her crew. While she always had misgivings about how she was unable to boost her own power, and rethinks about how she's been criticized for being a girl over the years, Star's crew has never once done that. 

Instead, they reveal a confidence about how she'll end up surpassing All Might one day and that helped boost her own confidence. It's a connection that comes into play later as it's either sacrifice her team mate for one final chance at an attack, or concede to Shigaraki. And with this flashback, fans get a better understanding of the kind of hero she was before heading into this fight against such a monster like Shigaraki's new self. 

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