My Hero Academia Explains How America's Top Hero is Different From All Might

My Hero Academia has introduced a pivotal new character in Star and Stripe, the no. 1 hero in America. Star and Stripe is a heavy-hitter that Japan's pro-hero league has had had to call in order to help deal with the scourge of All For One and his growing army of villains and escaped convicts that are terrorizing the country. Star and Stripe has brought a one-of-a-kind quirk along with her that could end up being All For One's greatest weapon. However, in My Hero Academia Chapter 331, AFO learns that Star and Stripe is a very different hero than his nemesis (and hero inspiration) All Might! 

WARNING: My Hero Academia Chapter 331 SPOILERS Follow! 

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga continues the intense battle between Star and Stripe and the strange hybrid of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, over the skies of Japan. Star and Stripe's quirk, New Order, basically lets her re-writes rules of reality for any object she touches (up to two at a time). However, this chapter also reveals that America's pro-hero commission keeps an incredibly tight leash on how Star and Stripe uses that power; however, they can't dull the burly hero's hard edges, one bit. Star and Stripe goes into the next round of the battle with one goal and one goal only: kill All For One Shigaraki for good: 

"This punk's graduated from being Japan's local menace," Star and Stripe tells her team. "We gotta use tactics that Japan lacks to make him dead now." 

That's right: America's top hero Star and Stripe is willing to kill All For One for the good of Japan and the world. That's a line All Might famously didn't cross when he had the chance in the landmark battles that left AFO first disfigured and wounded, and then incarcerated. Star and Stripe proves she isn't joking, either: fully unleashing her power, the American hero changes the very state of nature around her, turning the air into her own personal giant battle avatar. She uses that form to try and smash AFO Shigaraki down to Atoms, the combos with her team's jet fighter lasers for an atomic-level blast attack. The chapter ends with Star and Stripe calling in a strike of some top-secret missiles that could cause an international incident - missiles she plans to combine with her quirk to annihilate Shigaraki. 


It's an ironic distinction since Star and Stripe was a young American goal whose life (and whose family's lives) were saved by All Might's compassion and care (as seen in the opening of the Two Heroes movie). However, receiving All Might altruism, and even modeling her look after him didn't do enough to change Star and Stripe's killer edge when it comes to the idea of some villains being to evil to be left alive. 

...Hopefully, that edge isn't a karmic trap waiting to come back on Star and Stripe (and all of Japan, if AFO gets her power). 

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