My Hero Academia Drops Terminator Easter Egg with Twice's Recent Episode

The My Villain Academia Arc has come to a close and with it, Shigaraki and his friends have been placed into quite the position following their war against the Meta Liberation Army. With the likes of Shigaraki, Toga, and Spinner having their origins revealed as they faced down an endless sea of opponents, it was Twice who perhaps progressed the most and unleashed the true power of his Quirk, with one fan managing to spot a hilarious easter egg that sees the duplicated villain make a reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Twice's origin is a terrifying one, in which the antagonist who can make countless doubles of himself, others, and objects found himself overtaken by his own doppelgangers, with them all killing one another in an attempt to decipher who was the true original. With Twice terrified to create duplicates of himself originally in fear that this scenario would play out again, My Villain Academia had him unleashing his Quirk's full potential in order to save his teammate Toga from being killed by the MLA member, Skeptic. Employing his ultimate attack, Sad Man's Parade, Twice had created thousands of copies of himself, and even his fellow League members to help battle the MLA.

Reddit User Slaying Nieve spotted this hilarious Easter Egg which sees one of Twice's doubles melting back into nothingness, giving a thumb's up before disappearing, akin to Arnold Schwarzenegger giving the iconic emote before sinking into the depths of molten liquid in some of the final moments of Terminator 2: Judgement Day:

Twice pulling a terminator 2 moment in s5 e22 from BokuNoHeroAcademia

The final episode of My Villain Academia saw Shigaraki defeating Re-Destro and taking control of the Meta Liberation Army, placing the League of Villains in control of hundreds of thousands of villains and gaining unlimited resources to boot. Though Twice has seemingly gained control of his Quirk, his fellow Leaguers notice that his mind is seemingly far worse than it was before, as he continues to argue with his split personalities and lights an effigy for Toga, even though the blood drinking antagonist is still alive.


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