My Hero Academia Theory Pitches All For One's Next Move

My Hero Academia has created one of the biggest villains in the history of anime with All For One currently attempting to destroy the heroes of UA Academy once and for all in the final arc of Kohei Horikoshi's manga. With the final battle seeing All For One looking to take on the likes of Endeavor, Hawks, and a number of other major crime fighters, one fan theory has thrown out the idea that perhaps the major antagonist is readying to twist the knife when it comes to the emotional state of the number one hero. 

All For One is a force unto himself with numerous Quirks under his control that rattle around in his physical body, and with Shigaraki now mostly holding all those powers as well, the villainous collection has been multiplied. While All For One certainly has physical power at his disposal, the main antagonist of My Hero Academia has also been planting numerous seeds when it comes to tormenting the psychology of the heroes he fights, which he had previously done when squaring off with All Might during the events of the third season of the anime adaptation. Now, one fan theorist believes that the same is about to take place between All For One and Endeavor.

Reddit User Neutral Evil Bae shared this intricate theory that imagines the idea of All For One revealing that he had taken Dabi under his wing previously, looking to mold the offspring of Endeavor to become the next big threat to hero society and continue to push the idea that a new society must be created in which the strong rule over the weak:

Endeavor’s fight with *Spoiler* could get a lot more personal now from BokuNoHeroAcademia

Kohei Horikoshi hasn't been shy about the fact that the story of Deku and his friends is set to come to a close in about one year, with the mangaka currently not hinting at any potential sequels or spin-offs which would continue the story of UA Academy. With All For One attempting to eliminate the professional crime fighters once and for all, no hero or villain seems to be safe when it comes to what might be the final fight of My Hero Academia. 

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