My Hero Academia Theory May Have Uncovered Dabi's Worst Weakness

My Hero Academia has threatened a war to end all wars for years now, and the manga is making good on that promise now. If you did not know, the series has toed into its final arc, and our heroes are ready to take down All For One for good. Of course, that means Dabi is back on the scene, and he has more to prove to his estranged family. But thanks to a new theory, fans might have figured out what weakness will lead to Dabi's downfall.

And no, it is now Shoto or Endeavor. It isn't even his family as a whole. It seems like Dabi's undoing might lie with Twice, so fans will want to keep a close eye on the cremation baddie as he begins his final battle with his younger brother.

The theory cropped up over on social media thanks to user ShadzMangaOnly as My Hero Academia entered its final act. If you keep up with the manga, then you will know Dabi has been reunited with his little brother now that war has arrived. In order to get his brother alone, Shoto worked with the pros to warp Dabi to a separate location, but they needed him docile for just a few seconds to capture him first. And as you can see above, Dabi did pause after seeing a reflection of Twice in Shoto's shadowed figure.

As the spread shows, Shoto is covered in shadows just as he approaches Dabi, and the villain's eyes widen at the sight. Without being able to see his brother's features, Shoto has his costume on full display, and it looks just enough like Twice to make Dabi pause. This impact has helped craft a My Hero Academia theory surrounding Dabi that suggests his downfall will be tied to Twice's death and the guilt he feels over the loss.

After all, Dabi is the one who allowed Hawks into the League even though he was certain the hero was a spy. The pro killed Twice because the unhinged villain was a threat, and Dabi feels his ambition in courting Hawks brought his good friend's death. It is this same ambition that Endeavor showed in trying to surpass All Might, and Dabi will surely balk at the thought of following his father. Those warring emotions patterned with a carefully planned assault can only mean trouble for Dabi. So honestly, the only question remaining is whether Endeavor's estranged son can come out of this war alive or not. 

What do you think of this latest My Hero Academia theory? Do you feel Twice's death will come back to haunt our heroes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.