Toonami Updates Fans on My Hero Academia Dub Delay

Much of the entertainment industry has been put on hold by the COVID-19 outbreak, but parts of the sector are getting back to work. Voice actors have been able to work from home after some tweaking, but that doesn't mean the delays are over. After all, My Hero Academia is still dealing with the issue, and Toonami has put out an update on the delay situation.

Taking to Facebook, Toonami reached out to fans about its upcoming line up for Saturday night. It was there the team confirmed My Hero Academia is still facing delay issues, so Toonami will not be airing a new dubbed episode from the series.

"We’re sorry to have to tell you this, but there’s been another Coronavirus delay with My Hero Academia, and we won’t have a premiere episode this Saturday night," Toonami shared.


"While we wait for the episodes to come in, we want to try and make it a little fun. We’ll be putting together a few special nights with the best My Hero Academia episodes – curated by you! Comment below with your favorite episode. Then, we’ll air the top one Saturday night at midnight! We’ll keep you posted when we have more details but for now, let us know your favorite My Hero Academia episode!"


As you can see, Toonami is doing its best to make the most out of a troubling situation. Fans of My Hero Academia have been needing new episodes of season four for a while now, but there is nothing to be done about delays. That is why Toonami is leaving it up to the fans to decide which episodes it will be showing this Saturday, so fans can expect the late-night block to air some of Izuku's best moments!

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