My Hero Academia Teases Upcoming Jirou x Kaminari Short Story

My Hero Academia fans have bigger things to worry about than shipping Pro Heroes, but that has [...]

My Hero Academia fans have bigger things to worry about than shipping Pro Heroes, but that has never stopped them! The massive fandom has secured places for its biggest ships over the years, and it is no surprise to see Jirou x Kaminari on that list. And thanks to an upcoming short story, fans will get some quality content from the pair when the flirty drama goes live.

As previously reported by Aitaikimochi, My Hero Academia is working on a short story for Jirou and Kaminari. The drama, which will be recorded for the last volume of season four overseas, will focus on Jirou as she asks Kaminari to help her.

According to the drama's synopsis, Jirou will ask for her friend's help once she realizes she left her music journal back at school. Kaminari agrees to accompany her since it is the middle of the night, but things go awry when the pair run into a strange sight at UA Academy.

"As the day of the Cultural Festival draws nearer, Jirou realizes that she forgot her notebook in the music room and asks Kainari to accompany her to get it back in the middle of the night. As they enter the pitch-black school building, they grow more and more fearful and come across a disturbing shadow. What's worse his that even though there shouldn't be anyone there, music is playing from the music room!? Will the two of them come out of this unharmed...!?"

As you can see, this synopsis teases a close bond between the students despite their love of heckling each other. Fans have long suspected the pair's teasing had more to do with affection than any sort of animosity. It seems this audio drama will prove that in some small way, so Jirou x Kaminari shippers can let out a sigh of relief.

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