My Hero Academia Creator Lets the Villains Loose in Spooky Halloween Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator let the villains loose in a spooky new sketch celebrating the Halloween holiday! It's been a pretty big year for the villains of the series as both the anime and manga have seen the villains reach new kinds of heights. Not only did the anime finally adapt the fan favorite My Villain Academia arc in the fifth season (fan reaction to the actual adaptation notwithstanding), but the manga has gone beyond this and is exploring the impact the villains have had on the series following the Paranormal Liberation Front War. 

The League of Villains members themselves have gone through a number of changes that began with the My Villain Academia arc, and it's likely that they'll change even more as the series further makes its way through the Final Act of the series. It's also changed its line up in some pretty big ways, so in a way, it's a bit nostalgic seeing the original line up altogether again. Kohei Horikoshi celebrated the Halloween holiday with letting the villains loose for the night of mischief in a fun new sketch, and you can check it out below as shared through the creator's official Twitter account: 

The final moments of the fifth season not only revealed that the League of Villains had expanded into the new Paranormal Liberation Front following its absorption of the Meta Liberation Army, but that they are preparing to make their move in a matter of months. In fact, the final scene of the season overall teases the start of this as Izuku Midoriya and a huge roster of pros and students alike are preparing to attack the villains' hideout. But thankfully, we'll be seeing all of this kick into action with the already confirmed sixth season of the series. 

It was announced that Season 6 of the series is now in the works and will be kicking off with the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc of Horikoshi's original manga series. There has yet to be any word on when this next season will be releasing, but this war will be the biggest thing the anime has seen thus far. It's so big, in fact, that the current chapters of the manga are still exploring the world that has changed dramatically following this huge battle. 

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