My Hero Academia Goes Viral Over a Subtle John Cena Easter Egg

My Hero Academia is never afraid to shout out the things in pop culture it borrows from, but there are some secrets fans have to find themselves. From comic heroes to Star Wars, the franchise has given out a ton of nods in its lifetime, and it seems as if John Cena is the latest to join the pool. After all, My Hero Academia is buzzing online, and it is all thanks to a little easter egg that netizens found in a recent movie poster, and it appears to reference the WWE star.

The previous film in the My Hero Academia franchise, Two Heroes, followed Izuku and his fellow students of Class 1-A protecting an island and its residents from the self-appointed heir apparent of All For One, the young villain Nine. Though the battle nearly saw Deku die and transfer the power of One For All to Bakugo, the young heroes were able to ultimately defeat Nine and take a major step in their journey to become professional crime fighters. With the third movie yet to unveil its name to the world, the details of its plot are still a mystery though it's clear that at least three of the main heroes will be getting a serious upgrade to face an unknown threat.

Twitter User Fountain Deku shared this hilarious catch that has us believing that Deku is throwing up John Cena's patented "You Can't See Me" hand wave as he preps for a big new adventure alongside his fellow aspiring heroes in Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki:

John Cena has been absent from World Wrestling Entertainment following his match against the Fiend during last year's Wrestlemania, though it's understandable considering the fact that he's been added as the newest member of the Fast and Furious franchise in the next upcoming installment. Though we doubt we'll see Cena do any voice work in the anime franchise of My Hero Academia, the heroes of UA Academy have plenty of heroes to help them in their battles against All For One and the League of Villains!

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