My Hero Academia: Why Class 1-A Can't Beat Deku

My Hero Academia is setting the stage for a Civil War within UA Academy that might just leave the [...]

My Hero Academia is setting the stage for a Civil War within UA Academy that might just leave the Joint Training Exercise Arc of season five in the dust, as the students of Class 1-A are now staring down a very different version of Deku. With Midoriya bouncing around the skyline in an attempt to hold Hero Society together while also pivoting to avoid the clutches of All For One and Shigaraki, the inheritor of One For All is now staring down the barrel from his own friends who are hoping to save Deku's life by any means necessary.

Even with the likes of Bakugo, Ochaco, Iida, and the other students of Class 1-A tag-teaming in an attempt to stop Izuku from killing himself as he fights scores of villains and doesn't even halt to eat or sleep, they are now encountering a much more powerful version of Midoriya. Now having full access to One For All, it's not just about Deku's ability to use a number of the new powers of the Quirk he inherited, but also that he has all the vestiges of One For All offering him insight and advice when it comes to the battles he's been a part of.

My Hero Academia Class 1A Deku
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Readers of the manga were able to see the full force of One For All in action as Deku was able to take down Muscular in the blink of an eye, and was able to net a victory against one of the most powerful villains in the former heroic sniper known as Lady Nagant. While Midoriya certainly is worse for ware when it comes to the exhaustion that he has placed on himself, it hasn't seemed to stop him from patrolling the city and would more than likely net him a victory against his friends that are only trying to help.

Bakugo and the other class members of 1-A have improved substantially since the early days of Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen franchise, but it simply isn't enough to take down Deku at this pivotal moment, with the War Arc changing something fundamental about Izuku and setting him on a path where he is walking alongside the top heroes and has perhaps surpassed the likes of Endeavor and Hawks in the process.

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