Naruto Art Imagines Sarada's Post-Timeskip Character Design

If there is one thing anime has mastered, it is the art of a time skip. Some of the biggest shows in Japan have utilized the plot device to progress its heroes further than usual. Of course, Naruto is one such franchise, and fans have long wondered if its sequel would do the same. And if it does, one artist has come up with a solid design for Sarada Uchiha as an adult in Boruto.

The artwork was shared over on Twitter by shiroizakura. The fan posted the work-in-progress piece that immediately caught the eyes of Boruto fans. As you can see down below, Sarada looks fierce in this fan-art, and it perfectly blends her Uchiha heritage with her Haruno background.

The artwork keeps Sarada's short hairstyle but grows her bangs out just a tad. This look frames the diamond-shaped seal on her forehead that should be familiar to fans. After all, Sakura learned how to use the seal from Tsunade, and this fan-art imagines Sarada mastering the technique as well.

As for her Uchiha blood, Sarada has mastered her Sharing as you can tell by the three tomoe in her eyes. The blood-red doujutsu hasn't evolved to Mangekyou which is a relief, and there is no doubt Sarada is still insanely powerful without the taboo form.


The rest of this piece shows off Sarada's muscular form as she holds a fist up. Her toned arms are easily seen thanks to a sleeveless red top similar to what Sakura wore during her Chunnin days, but its tailored neckline separates the outfit enough to differentiate the looks. You can see why this work-in-progress piece has fans asking for Boruto to invest in a timeskip. Sarada is an impressive ninja as is, and she will only become more powerful as the years pass. And when the time comes for her to get a new character design, maybe it will look like this...?

What do you make of this pitched artwork? Do you think Boruto will end up using a design like this? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!