Naruto to Debut New Boruto Opening, Ending Soon

Naruto is working through a new arc these days, and it seems like the anime has plans set in stone for the new year. While things heat up on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the team behind the scenes is preparing to give the show a new opening and ending. And if that wasn't good enough, one of the artists will be well known to Naruto diehards.

The update comes from Shueisha as Weekly Shonen Jump confirmed the news. It turns out Naruto will debut its latest opening-ending combo this January. The ending will be done by Humbreaders while Asian Kung-Fu Generation takes care of the opening.

The Generation Returns

Now, the second artist might sound familiar to you, and that is no surprise. The rock band is one of the biggest in Japan, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation is credited as one of the nation's most famous groups. In the past, the group has done songs for Fullmetal Alchemist, Erased, Bleach, The Tatami Galaxy, and more. But perhaps most famously, the band has done a number of songs for Naruto.

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From the original series to Naruto Shippuden, Asian Kung-Fu Generation has done several singles for Masashi Kudo's anime. Now, they are bringing their talents to Boruto. So if you happen to be a fan of the rock legends, it won't be long before Naruto serves up another Asian Kung-Fu Generation banger.


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