Naruto Releases New Key Art of Kawaki and Boruto

During the latest Jump Festa, perhaps no Shonen series received more news than Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, as the anime series for the popular ninja franchise revealed that the "Vessel Arc" was about to begin, and with it, the arrival of the long-awaited character of Kawaki. With episode previews hinting that the young product of the Kara Organization set to battle against the members of Team 7 as the villainous collective sets their sights on Konoha, the series has released two new key visuals that show off both Boruto and the new character of Kawaki in preparation of their confrontation!

Kawaki himself is definitely one of the strongest opponents that Team 7 will face off against during their brief career in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, despite the fact that he is far from being a master of ninjutsu. The product of the Kara Organization was created in order to help further the plans of the Otstsuki, harnessing the energy known as Karma. Though this isn't the first time that Kawaki has appeared in the anime series, with the series beginning by showing us a scene in the future that shows both this new combatant and Boruto as teenagers battling against one another, this introduction will have the member of the Kara Organization become an essential part of the anime moving forward!

The Official Account for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shared the new key visuals for both Kawaki and Boruto, showing off the two characters in similar positions staring into the horizon, prepping for the big confrontation between the two that is about to begin in the anime:


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