Naruto Cliffhanger Leaves Boruto's Life in the Balance

Boruto Uzumaki is doing his best to prove how powerful he has become. As you can imagine, there are plenty of fans who simply see the ninja as Naruto's son, but he has come quite a ways since being introduced years ago. And for those who have read the manga, they know Boruto has found himself in a huge spot of trouble.

The update comes from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 64 this month. As expected, the bulk of the chapter follows Boruto and Kawaki as they fight against Code. It is here fans learn more about Boruto's Karma and his control of the power, but things take a turn for the worst at the end.

In the last two pages, the chapter shows Boruto writhing in pain to the shock of Kawaki. The Uzumaki is seen falling to his knees, and it does not take long for him to gasp in pain. Fans can only watch as Boruto folds to the floor on his side while gripping his chest in agony. Boruto ends its November chapter right there, so that is quite the cliffhanger to worry about.

Of course, fans have their worries about what is happening, but it seems like Boruto is having a cardiac episode. The boy is holding his chest like it is in pain, and his sudden weakness fits the bill. As for what is causing the pain, Naruto fans aren't as certain, but most bet it is due to his medication.

After all, Boruto was put on a medication that will help keep Momoshiki's influence at bay. The experimental medicine, which was created by Amado, was made to keep the effects of Boruto's Karma minimal. Since the boy used the form in his battle against Code, it stands to reason this heart attack was prompted by the power. Now, the question remains how the medicine caused this and whether there is a way to avoid the complication. 

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