Naruto Shares One of Eida's Surprising Weaknesses

Naruto Uzumaki has become a master at sussing out the weaknesses of those he is fighting. Of course, this talent has pushed forward with Boruto, and that skill will be put to use before long. After all, a slew of baddies are on the way, and the manga just shared a surprising weakness Eida has before Boruto can even meet her.

The update went live this week when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out a new chapter. Fans found Kawaki wrestling with himself as he deals with his newfound loss of Karma, but his issue didn't take over the entire chapter. After all, Eida and Code showed up towards the end, and it was there the former shared a gap in her armor.

As it turns out, Eida is not a great fighter. The girl isn't versed in any ninjutsu, and she hates to use the taijutsu she knows.

"By the way, don't count on my combat ability. I can only perform simple taijutsu," she told Code during their latest talk. "To begin with, I don't like engaging in barbaric acts. I don't like pain either."

Clearly, Boruto is giving Eida an out with this weakness, but the series is not leaving her defenseless. After all, the newest chapter ended with the introduction of her younger brother. The boy, who goes by Daemon, is insanely strong and feels extremely protective of Eida. She might not be able to fight well, but her brother makes up for that gap. So if Boruto thinks he can take out Eida by strength alone, he has another thing coming!


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