Naruto Sets Up Kawaki for a Major Power Boost

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has set the stage for Kawaki to get a major power boost - although it could cost him more than he bargained for! The Boruto manga has left Kawaki at a crossroads after the death of Isshiki Otsutuski, the evil leader of Kara. Kawaki was supposed to be the vessel that Isshiki used for his resurrection, but with Isshiki now gone, Kawaki has been left in a state of limbo, somewhere between being transformed into an Otsutsuki and being back in control of his own free will and destiny. However, that balance of power can be shifted once again, to Kawaki all the power he needs!

Warning: Boruto Chapter 59 SPOILERS Follow!

With Isshiki Otsutsuki gone, the next big threat from Kara are cyborgs Code, Ada, and Daemon, who are already scoping out Naruto and Hidden Leaf in preparation for an attack. Kawaki knows Code is coming, but also knows that Hidden Leaf doesn't have the necessary power to stop Code and Co. from wreaking havoc in the village and killing Naruto.

Kawaki isn't the only one who realizes that Hidden Leaf is hopelessly outgunned: Amado, Kara's chief scientist who defected to Hidden Leaf, knows better than anyone the threat that's coming. So Amado comes to Kawaki with a proposal on how to give him the exact power needed to protect Naruto and all those under his care.

Naruto Kawaki Major Power Boost Karma Boruto 59 Spoilers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Amado's proposal is for a new kind of Karma mark, one that would be a weapon entirely at Kawaki's disposal, with no threat of being possessed by an Otsutsuki spirit. It's heavily foreshadowed that Amado has ulterior motives for wanting to try this process out, but the lure of having his own power for the first time may be enough to draw Kawaki in.

Boruto's opening scene showed a flash-forward to when Boruto and Kawaki are teenagers, having an epic duel. During that battle, both boys manifest their respective Karma marks and seem to access the vast power of it. Thanks to Boruto's Kara Arc Naruto fans began to wonder if it truly was Boruto and/or Kawaki having that battle, and not an Otsutsuki in one of their bodies. However, Amado's offer to Kawaki opens the door to the possibility of Amado providing means for Karma to be a new power in the shinobi world, even after the legacy of the Otsutsuki is done.