'Naruto' Reveals Gaara And Shukaku's Surprising New Connection

Fans of Gaara may think they know everything there is to the Kazekage, but it looks like the ninja [...]

Fans of Gaara may think they know everything there is to the Kazekage, but it looks like the ninja likes to keep his followers on their toes. Thanks to the latest episode of Boruto, audiences learned a surprising fact about Gaara and his former Tailed Beast as the pair came face-to-face in one unexpected meeting.

So, spoilers below!

This week, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shared its 55th episode with fans, and it set up the start of the Chunin Exams. Boruto Uzumaki began his training under Sasuke as Gaara prepared his own genin squads for the international exam. However, things weren't well for everyone as Killer Bee found himself facing new foes when the Otsutsuki clan came for his chakra. The fight ended with Killer Bee as the apparent loser, and someone needed to tell the world about the alarming loss.

You see, that is where Shukaku comes in. Despite being freed from Gaara, the Tailed Beast appears within the Kazekage's inner mind and somehow begin chatting. The set-up looks very much like the one Naruto has with his Tailed Beast, and Gaara seems surprised by the beast's arrival.

"You never initiate contact," the man says. It is only afterwards Shukaku explains why he is there.

"My connection with the Eight Tails was suddenly cut off. So anyways, I warned you. How you deal with this is up to you," the Tailed Beast admits, sounding way less psychotic than he did when he was sealed. So, you can understand why fans were not expecting Gaara to say what he does once he gets the tip.

"I'm grateful, my friend," the Kazekage admits.

So, there you have it. Gaara has become friends with the Tailed Beast that tormented him for years, and Shukaku is way less bloodthirsty than he used to be. Talk about progression, yeah? It seems like Gaara takes after Naruto in more way than fans thought. After all, it isn't everyday you find a ninja willing to befriend an all-powerful sand tanuki, but Gaara isn't your everyday kind of ninja.

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