Naruto Debuts a Different Type of Samurai

We all know Naruto is all about ninjas, but there are other warriors in the franchise you might not realize exist. Back in the day, the Great Ninja War introduced the Land of Iron and its own fleet of samurai as they helped the five nations battle Madara. Now, it seems like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is revisiting the army, and a new sort of samurai has debuted to shake things up. 

The revelation came courtesy of Boruto's most recent episode. It was there fans checked in on Tsubaki, a young girl who has been sent to the Hidden Leaf by Mifune, the leader of the samurai nation. The young warrior has been sent to learn more about the ninja world after training under Mifune, and Tsubaki has had an intriguing run so far. And thanks to her, we know how the samurai deal with their own rogue swordsmen.

Much like how Sasuke became a rogue ninja, the same thing can happen with samurai in the Naruto Universe. This was proven when the fighter Sanzaka was introduced. This week, Boruto revealed its first ronin with help from Tsubaki's memory. It turns out the girl went up against Sanzaka after running into him in the wild.

As it turns out, Sanzaka escaped his homeland after he grew dangerously jealous of Mifune. The older man felt he deserved the leader's katana and status over the land. When his thoughts were discovered, Sanzaka left the Land of Iron as a ronin, and he had a similar bounty over his head back home. It was only by chance that Tsubaki ran into the man, and their resulting fight proved Sanzaka was no match for the girl's prodigal talent. So when it comes to the samurai, it seems like Tsubaki is gunning for the top with all of her training to back her up. 

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