Naruto Explains the Truth Behind Boruto's Seal Transformation

Naruto Uzumaki has come in contact with his fair share of power boosts. The ninja experienced several of his own, and he witnessed others like Sasuke undergo their own transformations. It was not long ago that fans saw his son Boruto rock his first transformation, and it seems the boost was less than friendly.

After all, fans were just told what the new form really was. The hugely powerful form was a sight to see, but Boruto knows it was only made possible because of Momoshiki.

The most recent chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations followed the boy as he talked through the transformation with Sasuke. Naruto's son said he did not know how the form triggered, but after hearing what Amado told the group, he knows that power came from Momoshiki.

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"My mind was foggy while it was going on, so I didn't remember anything really well. But it was like I was watching someone else move and fight using my body. I didn't understand it back then, but now based on what Amado said, I know that it was Momoshiki," Boruto told his mentor.

"By the time I can to, Boro had been blown to bits already. It was totally insane powered. If I could only control it."


As it turns out, the form Boruto debuted against Boro was directly tied to Momoshiki. The form went live after Boruto felt like his life was threatened, and he was right. Boro was ready to kill Kawaki under any circumstance, and his anger fueled Momoshiki's form. After all, the Otsutsuki wants to stay alive, and that means his host has to do the same. But unlike Naruto and the Nine-Tailed Fox, Boruto has an irate space ninja lingering in his system. And as you can guess, that is going to cause some problems moving forward.

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