Naruto Reveals the True Purpose of Karma

The Naruto franchise has revealed the true purpose of the Karma mark that made its debut in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The latest episode of Boruto's anime was heavy on reveals about the Kara Organization, its ties to the Otsutsuki clan, and the truly ominous fate that comes with the Karma mark. Needless to say that after Boruto episode 213 nothing will ever be the same, because the stakes of the entire Boruto series - and really, the entire Naruto: Shippuden saga that preceded it - just way up! And fans now have more questions than ever about what Boruto's ominous flash-forward scene is all about!

Warning: Boruto Episode 213 SPOILERS Follow!

In Boruto's latest episode "True Identity" Naruto and co. continue debriefing Kara's scientist Amado, who defected to Hidden Leaf as part of his master plan against Jigen, Kara's leader.

Amado reveals to Naruto what he's learned about Jigen and his connection to the Otsutsuki: turns out "Jigen" is actually "Isshiki Otsutsuki," the partner of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Isshiki was mortally wounded by Kaguya and tried to use the Otsutsuki's method of transcending death: resurrection in new bodies.

Boruto Karma Powers Explained Otsutsuki Anime 208 Spoilers

Therein lies the truth about the Karma mark. Amado reveals to Naruto that the Otsutsuki live forever by locating suitable "vessels" that can contain their powerful essences; those vessels are marked with a Karma seal, which slowly but surely "downloads" the essence of a dead Otsutsuki into the new vessel. It doesn't take Naruto, Sasuke, and (while eavesdropping nearby) Boruto, and Kawaki long to discern what Amado is spelling out: both Boruto and Kawaki have been marked with a veritable death sentence.

When Boruto destroyed Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the evil alien warned him that there was a price to killing a "God." Now we know that price: Momoshiki has been "downloading" into Boruto ever since their battle. And, based on what we saw during Team 7's battle with Boro, Momoshiki is far enough along to literally take possession of Boruto's body and consciousness and do horrifically destructive things with them.

The threat is far from over for Kawaki, as well. Jigen wasn't a suitable vessel for Isshiki, who has apparently used his shrinking jutsu to shrink down and root himself inside a monk named Jigen's brain. Isshiki still needs the true vessel that can contain him (Kawaki) and recent scenes with the villain hint he doesn't have all that much longer to wait.


Finally: can we even be sure that "Boruto" and "Kawaki's" epic battle in the series' opening flash-forward is still truly the two of them?

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