Boruto Explains How Naruto's New Form Is Different From Sage and Kurama Mode

Boruto Naruto: Next Generations' latest chapter has debut a brand new form for Naruto - one that could be his last. The seventh Hokage has had to abandon all restraint with the power he wields through the Nine-Tails, in order to stand against Isshiki Otsutsuki. Kurama warned Naruto that this new form would be a one-way ticket: once manifested it will kill Naruto off. In Boruto chapter 52, Naruto gets to put his new "Baryon Mode" to the test against Isshiki, with spectacular results! At the same time, Kurama further educates Naruto on what how Baryon is different than Sage or Kurama mode.

As Kurama tries to explain to Naruto, Baryon is like the sun's "Nuclear Fusion" process (yes, Nine-Tails knows Astrophysics!). The new form takes Naruto and Nine-Tails' chakra and uses them as "kernels" to produce an immensely powerful energy reaction.

The Nine-Tails further explains to Naruto that Baryon's process is distinctly different from Naruto's previous Sage of the Sixth Paths mode or Kurama Mode achievements, "From the very root of it." Those forms "involve taking chakra that you acquire from elsewhere and just using it," while Baryon Mode "is a totally different beast."

Indeed, there's a fatal cost ot Naruto's new form, in that Baryon Mode quickly consumes its own fuel source. "As the raw materials to create this energy," Kurama explains, "My chakra and yours get consumed, until one or both our lives run out..."

Naruto New Nine Tails Baryon Sage Kurama Mode Powers Differences
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The fringe benefit: hitting Isshiki also burns off his chakra, shortening the villains' lifespan by crucial mintues.

One of the defining characteristics of the Nine-Tails has always been the beast's phenomenal reserves of chakra and ability to collect more - hence why it's the most fearsome of the tailed beasts (aside from the Otsutsuki Ten-Tails, of course). The idea that Kurama was hiding this kind of power is no big surprise - what may be more surprising is that the best apparently cares for Naruto enough to never put it on the table before this last, desperate gambit to win.

So is this how Naruto will die? It seems like the fight is epic enough, and the stakes big enough. If Naruto fails, Isshiki has the power to kill Sasuke, and complete his plan to feed Boruto (and the Momoshiki Otsutsuki essence inside of him) to the Ten-Tails, to create the Divine Tree.


Things are admittedly looking pretty bad right now: Isshiki managed to locate and transport Kawaki - his intended vessel - onto the battlefield. Now Isshiki can achieve full resurrection and avoid his death, which is only minutes away. Naruto may not have that kind of time, anymore.

You and read Boruto's latest manga HERE. The anime has resumed streaming on Funimation and Hulu.