Naruto Really May Die Before Boruto's Current Arc Ends

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations got off to an ominous start, with that infamous flash-forward that depicted a teenaged Boruto battling his friend/rival Kawaki, over the ruins of Hidden Leaf Village. While that flash-forward was agonizingly vague, it did carry some ominous hints that Borutlo was stepping up as Hidden Leaf's defender because he had to. It's been a longstanding fan theory that Naruto and/or Sasuke may be dead by the time Boruto comes to that point in his life - and the latest manga chapter is certainly lending credit to that theory! Naruto very well may die before Bourto's current arc is over!

Warning: Boruto Manga SPOILERS Follow!

In Boruto chapter 51, Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke try to hold the line against Isshiki Otsutsuki, whom they are battling in another dimension. Boruto managed to discover a secret that saves Naruto and Sasuke's lives: Isshiki needs to keep Boruto alive (or rather the essence of Momoshiki inside of Boruto), in order to complete his master plan of growing a Divine Tree to harvest Earth's chakra.

However, Boruto makes one significant miscalculation: Isshiki needs him alive, but not necessarily healthy and whole. The Otsutsuki villain ruthlessly beats Boruto down, breaking his arm, and nearly his back. Sasuke has been incapacitated by Isshiki, so it's up to Naruto to do what he's failed to do twice before: defeat Isshiki in battle.

Every time either Naruto or Sasuke steps up to battle Isshiki, fans hold their collective breath in fear that this will be the tragic turn in Boruto's life that creates the hardened warrior we saw at the start of the series. However, this time things are different, as Naruto is going into battle against Isshiki and not expecting to return: his final gambit is unlocking a new Nine Tails form that will grant him exponentially more power, but kill him in the process.

Boruto Naruto Death vs. Isshiki New Nine tails Form Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

While it could easily be a red herring, this moment in Boruto feels like it could be the kind of epic, noble death that would befit Naruto. As Naruto tells Isshiki, he's been ready to sacrifice himself for Konohagakure and the people he loves and protects, from the day he decided he wanted to be Hokage. With Isshiki looking to tear Hidden Leaf apart to find his vessel (Kawaki) and truly resurrect himself, Naruto is defending no less than his son, best friend, village, and the entire planet.

If Naruto and Kurama go out in a blaze of glory defeating the most powerful Otsutsuki yet, we'd be okay with it.


You and read Boruto's latest manga HERE. The anime has resumed streaming on Funimation and Hulu.