Naruto Cosplay Shares The Danger Of The Akatsuki With Fem Deidara

While the days of the Akatsuki are long gone in the franchise of Naruto, it's clear that the villainous organization that really made their mark during Naruto Shippuden left a lasting impression as one fan has created a gender bending interpretation of the bomb wielding rogue ninja known as Deidara. The blond haired Akatsuki member proved to be an enemy that was exceptionally difficult to defeat, battling against the likes of Naruto, Sasuke, and their team mates while wielding a cadre of C4 like substances that he could form into anything he wanted.

Though Deidara died during a battle with Sasuke Uchiha, deciding to essentially commit suicide by unleashing his exploding chakra, he was brought back to life, along with a number of other deceased ninja during the Fourth Ninja World War. Capping off the sequel series of Naruto Shippuden, Deidara unfortunately once again was returned to the grave, and has yet to appear back in the land of the living in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. With new generations of ninja being introduced in the latest anime series, we'd have to imagine that at some point there may be a new ninja that is introduced who holds similar powers as the departed Akatsuki member.

Instagram Cosplayer ShandaCavich shared this interpretation of Deidara, the villain who caused a number of problems for Konoha during his appearances in Shippuden, threatening the Hidden Leaf Village from beyond the grave as the second anime series came to a close:

The spiritual successors to the Akatsuki, the Kara Organization, have been presenting a whole new list of problems to Konoha and the ninja that dwell within it. Working under the Otsutsuki Clan, much like the Akatsuki secretly were, Kara is hoping to change the world by using the energy implants known as Karma to spread the celestial ninjas legacies across the universe.

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