Naruto Easter Egg Shows Gai's Dream Came True... Thanks to Madara

The fight between Might Gai and Madara Uchiha in the tail end of the Naruto: Shippuden series is considered by many to be one of the greatest fight scenes in the franchise's history and one fan has managed to discover an easter egg that shows that the teacher of Rock Lee might have achieved a childhood dream in fighting the all powerful creator of the Uchiha clan. Though Might Gai wasn't able to ultimately defeat Madara, and crippled himself in the process of fighting him, he solidified himself as one of the strongest ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha.

Rock Lee and Might Gai have always been fan favorites in the series of Naruto, proving their strength without focusing on ninjutsu, but rather through insanely intense physical training. Lee's shining moment was his first battle of the series against the sand ninja Gaara, and Gai's is definitely his battle against Madara at the tail end of Shippuden. With Might unleashing all of the "gates" within himself, he had never come closer to death, but was able to overpower Madara and have the insanely powerful ninja proclaim him to be the strongest ninja that he has ever encountered. Lee and Gai were able to show that rather than having genius that was given to them at birth, hard work and training could over come any challenge.

Reddit Fan RealJohnAB shared this amazing Easter Egg that shows the childhood dream of Might Gai was able to come through in a pinch when the Hidden Leaf Village needed it, as the ninja teacher was able to unleash all the gates and prove his worth against the ultimate evil in Madara:

Guy, I’m so proud of you. You deserved every moment. If it weren’t for plot, you would have killed Madara! from r/Naruto

Since fighting Madara, Gai has been relegated to a wheelchair having been permanently injured during the fight. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we saw Might going on a journey with his best friend and rival in Kakashi travelling to hot springs to see if there was a curse for his condition. While a cure wasn't found, Gai revealed that he was at peace with his current status and can still prove valuable in a fight regardless.

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