Naruto Is Getting Its Very Own Postal Stamps

Over the years, Naruto Uzumaki has done it all just about. The hero of the Hidden Leaf has done everything from release films to peddle action figures and even sell home goods. You might think the series has done it all, but then you'd be wrong. After all, Naruto is only now just getting an official postal stamp, so fans better start stocking up on stationery!

This news comes straight from the post office over in France if you need to know. According to the nation's post office, Naruto will get his very own stamp soon. The limited edition stamp will go on sale starting October 10th, and fans will be able to snag one for themselves through La Poste.

As you can see above, the stamp is fairly simple, and it shows Naruto in his most iconic costume. The art is taken from the anime's original run as its hero has yet to go on his training trip with Jiraiya. Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Naruto looks oh-so young in this shot as he holds out an inked hand to fans. So for once, the hero's bright jacket is doing good work by drawing everyone's eye to Naruto and his stamp.

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According to reports, this new stamp comes after a massive vote put Naruto to the test. It turns out the French post office held a contest some time ago that asked fans to rank their go-to entertainment. More than 1,000 pitches made the cut, but only Naruto snagged enough points to win. Now, the ninja is coming for the French postal system this fall, and you can bet anime fans will be sending letters in bulk when his stamp drops!

What do you think of this latest Naruto deal? Do you need these stamps to take over post offices stateside now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.