Did You Catch This Touching Itachi Nod In 'Naruto: Shippuden'?

Naruto: Shippuden came to an end earlier this year after a decade on air. The iconic anime left off with Team 7 mostly reunited after Sasuke drops his vow to destroy the Leaf Village. However, the Uchiha only came to the decision after a final bout with Naruto, and some fans have just noticed Itachi played a big role in the battle.

Over on Reddit, fans are buzzing about a subtle detail included in one of Naruto: Shippuden’s final episodes. The anime 476th episode follows Naruto and Sasuke as the older duo duke it out once more in the Valley of the End. The ninjas are eager to fight as Naruto is determined to change Sasuke’s heart while the latter wants to kill the Naruto.

In true anime style, the boys go at each other with their most famous attacks, and it is during that moment Itachi can be found. When Sasuke charges Naruto’s Rasengan with his Chidori, fans can see a faint outline next to the Uchiha’s arm. As you can see below, the outline belongs to none other than Itachi, and fans are feeling emotional over the subtle addition.

(Photo: Pierrot )

After all, Sasuke did mention Itachi directly during his fight with Naruto before his Chidori came to light. The Uchiha admits he is willing to kill all the Kage and Tailed Beasts to wipe his sins. The boy’s goal is to create a world which Itachi could have thrived in, but Naruto shows Sasuke his bloody method isn’t the best way to achieve peace.

Of course, there are some fans wondering why Itachi would help Sasuke during his final battle with Naruto. If the Uchiha lost, then Sasuke would have been brought back to the village, and Itachi’s desire to see Sasuke exit his dark journey would have been met. However, fans only need to remember the ninja’s final words to realize his motives.


After Itachi was resurrected during the Fourth Great Ninja War, the man got a chance to share his final words with Sasuke. After the younger Uchiha learns the truth about his brother, Itachi says he will always love Sasuke from here on out no matter what choice he makes. Itachi’s love is an unconditional one which pays no attention to Sasuke’s sins, so the elder had no qualms siding with his brother in the end. That’s just what loving big brothers do in Itachi’s book.

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