Naruto Opens Special Uchiha Hotel Experience to Fans

Naruto has been around for decades, and as one of the most popular shonen series in history, it has done its fair share of events. Team 7 has sponsored a lot of them, so you can imagine all the things Sasuke has done to appease his fanbase. Now, Naruto is thrusting the Uchiha back in the spotlight with a special hotel experience, and it will allow fans to get up and person with his revered clan. 

The whole thing comes courtesy of Highland Resort Hotel and Spa. If you did not know, the tourist spot is a must-see for Naruto fans as it opened a room themed to the anime back in 2019. The room has everything from seal patterns to ninja portraits and more. And now, the hotel is embracing a special Uchiha re-theme to celebrate Sasuke's birthday.

(Photo: Grape)

According to the hotel, the Summer of Uchiha event began on July 23rd and will go through September 11th. Its Naruto-themed room is getting a special Uchiha overhaul including Sharingan decor. The room will also be filled with artwork of Sasuke and Itachi plus guests will be able to earn their own ninja accreditation during their stay if they complete a training side quest.

There will be other ways to celebrate the Uchiha if you don't want to do any extra missions. The hotel has overhauled the menu at its Macaroni Club eatery, and it includes lots of treats dedicated to the clan. This includes specialty coffees and cakes if you feel the craving. Plus, the hotel has ordered special merchandise featuring Sasuke and Itachi for those staying during the event.

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As you can imagine, this event will be a must-do for Uchiha fans. It isn't everyday the clan is celebrated like this, after all. But thanks to this special experience, visitors can see what it'd be like visiting the Uchiha Compound IRL.

Would you consider checking out this Uchiha hotel? Or would another clan's lodgings better suit you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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