'Boruto' Confirms Naruto's Official Ninja Rank

Rank isn’t everything when it comes to Naruto, but it is pretty important. When the franchise began, fans quickly learned how power was disseminated amongst the Leaf Village. Jounin like Kakashi were heralded as top fighters while fresh genin got all of the easy missions. Now that Boruto has started, many assumed Naruto Uzumaki leveled up his rank to the very top.

However, that guess would be totally incorrect. In fact, Naruto is still at the bottom of the list.

Recently, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations released its latest episode, and the update saw one genin team make a documentary about their rank. Metal, Iwabe, and Denki were tasked with making a film highlighting all things genin, and they had to present it to the Hokage. However, the trio didn’t expect they would need to include Naruto in the film as an example.

“Oh, yeah. Come to think of it, so many things happened and I never took the Chunin Exams,” Naruto told the group with a sheepish grin. “So, I guess I am still a genin.”

Naturally, the team looked stunned by the admission. Ranks are not widely known in the ninja world unless you are told directly or look up someone in the Bingo Book. When it comes to ANBU, those ninja are forced to keep their elite rank a secret, but the title of Hokage is very public one. Many believed Naruto had reached a jounin rank to nab the position, but it looks like the hero held back on that accolade.

Really, can you blame him though? Naruto’s first Chunin Exam was bombed by Orochimaru, and he was out traveling with Jiraiya for the second one. By the time he could’ve taken the third, the Fourth Great Ninja War was upon the world, so fans can cut Naruto some slack.


The hero might have become a genin Hokage, but that does not mean he has the brains of a newbie. Naruto is one of the ninja world’s top fighters, and he has always had a strategic mind. At the end of Naruto: Shippuden, fans watched as Iruka set the boy on lessons preparing him for his Hokage dream, so Naruto has some book smarts. Now, he just needs to give himself a promotion.

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