Netflix Orders Original Animated Series By Tim Miller, David Fincher

Netflix wasn't kidding when it confirmed it was going in on original animated titles. After successes like Voltron: Legendary Defender and Castlevania, the company has inked a deal for one unique series by Tim Miller and David Fincher geared for adults.

Recently, Netflix announced it has signed a deal with the directors of Deadpool and Fight Club respectively. The pair will executive produce a new anthology title for Netflix called Love, Death & Robots. The adult-oriented series will span across 18 episodes, and the series plans to use a variety of animation styles with its stories.

According to Netflix, Love, Death & Robots will cover a whole array of genres. The title will dip into classic sci-fi as well as comedy, fantasy, and horror. The anthology title tapped lots of artistic talent as each episode was overseen by a different animator team. This means the anthology will embrace its individual episodes' unique style, and they will vary greatly. From 3D to 2D animation, Love, Death & Robots plans to do it all.

Speaking about the project, Miller stressed this new title is a dream of his come true. "Love, Death & Robots is my dream project," the producer explained. "It combines my love of animation and amazing stories." (Via Polygon)

"I'm so f—king excited that the creative landscape has finally changed enough for adult-themed animation to become part of a larger cultural conversation," he continued.


So far, there is no word on the type of stories this series will tap. A slew of stills from Love, Death & Robots were made public by Netflix, and they show some serious breadth. While some of the stills contain more photorealistic imagery, a handful lean heavily into the anime aesthetic seen in titles like Ghost in the Shell and even Castlevania. So, animation gurus will want to be sure they check out this title when it goes live. At this point, Netflix has yet to announce a release date or window for the anthology, but you can keep up with for all the show's latest updates.

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