New Game Anime Gets Some Hilariously Over-The-Top Censorship

When it comes to anime, all bets are off in terms of censorship. Japan has its own interesting guidelines for what can be seen on film, and it seems other parts of the world do too. After all, New Game just learned all the ways it can be censored, and fans have questions about those choices.

After all, South Korea just made the anime look way more lewd than need be with its censorship.

Recently, New Game made its way to South Korea to air, but it had to go through censors first. The popular comedy follows the life of Aoba Suzukaze as she begins designing her own video games for a publisher called Eagle Jump. However, South Korea needed to make some tweaks to that story, and it did so with some odd censorship.

Over on Twitter, stills from the foreign broadcast have gone live, and they do censor some interesting scenes. For instance, as you can see above, several shots featuring underwear were whited out entirely. However, in an effort to erase these panty shots, New Game ended up look way more NSFW than it actually is.

"Korea is officially broadcasting New Game," one fan wrote on Twitter. "They censored the [underwear], but it turned out more perverted."

This kind of censorship may not be seen often in anime, but New Game is far from the first to fall victim. In the U.S., television networks infamously censored shows like Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh to make them more family friendly. For instance, references to death and torture were removed from popular shonen series to make things easily consumable, and even Pokemon was censored some of its more progressive gender fluid jokes when its English dub first came around.

So, do you think this censorship was a bit too much? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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