One Piece Fan Gets Cheeky with Femme Luffy Cosplay

Monkey D. Luffy is not the kind of captain to care much about his ego. Sure, the One Piece hero may want to be the King of the Pirates, but his dream has little to do with grand riches. Luffy is a down-to-earth guy despite his immense power, and one fan channeled the Straw Hat captain's fun side with their femme cosplay.

The work was done by the fan itsmearieen over on Reddit. The cosplayer felt it was time to do a femme makeover for Luffy, and the captain wears the feminine look perfectly. The femme version doesn't completely overtake Luffy but still give fans a very different picture of the pirate.

You can see the femme version of Luffy below, and it will be easy to make out its biggest changes. For one, this One Piece cosplay gives the pirate long brown hair which suits the hero regardless of their gender. The long locks are seen flowing over Luffy's bound chest which covers her bosom, and the wrap is then covered by a red-and-gold jacket.

Luffy D.Monkey female version by @itsmearien [Self] from r/OnePiece

Of course, Luffy is wearing a straw hat as usual, but this one is the correct shade of gold. The hat which the hero wears in the series is a vibrant one, and this picture does justice to the piece. The rest of the cosplay is brought together with a small scar penned under the fan's eye, and they even added some simple silver jewelry which would make Roronoa Zoro very pleased.


For fans, this cosplay gives them a way to look at the anime's earliest days as this outfit is taken straight from One Piece at its beginning. The series has come leaps and bounds since as the manga is approaching 1,000 chapters. This fun take on Luffy can be hard to remember when the Straw Hat captain is fighting Yonko enemies in the anime these days, but it is impossible to forget the simple heart which Luffy brings to the series even on its darkest days.

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