New One Piece Episode Titles Tease Wano's Big War

One Piece has been digging deep into its Wano arc over the last year, and the anime has no plans to stop the train from rolling. The show is doing well each week as fans watch the Straw Hats take on yet another adventure on the island nation. With a war for the nation brewing, things are becoming tenser by the minute, and a new set of episode titles promises to escalate the situation even more so.

The new update came recently when four new episode titles surfaced for One Piece. The names were translated by users such as SoulstormOP on Twitter, and they paint a deadly picture for the ongoing Udon Prison Camp.

According to the reports, episode 946 will be titled "Stopping a Yonko! Queen's Secret Plan". This update will follow this weekend as Big Mom made herself known to the prison camp in the last episode. The amnesiac woman is on a warpath for food, and Queen seems to have a plan in mind to stop the Yonko from wreaking havoc everywhere.

One Piece Luffy Law Kid Wano Opening 23
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The following week will welcome One Piece episode 947, and it is titled "A Deadly Weapon! Aiming Plague Bullets at Luffy", so you can see what is coming. Queen is about to reveal some new toys of him against Luffy, and the idea of Plague Bullets sounds gnarly from the start. This ordeal will bleed into episode 948 as Luffy builds up a counter-attack against Udon's force using the imprisoned samurai around him.


Finally, the fourth title revealed comes from episode 949. It also concerns the Udon Camp arc, and it roughly translates to "I Came to Win! Luffy's Cry and Fearlessness of Death". This epic episode will surely act as the climax to the Udon Camp coup as Luffy rallies his allies to fight with all they've got. After all, the skirmish at Udon is only one part of this war, and things are going to get even tougher when the rebels come face-to-face with Kaido before long.

What do you make of these new One Piece episode titles? Do they sound exciting to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.