One Piece Art Gives the Straw Hats a Super Smash Bros. Makeover

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a whole lot of heroes in its roster, but it can't hold a candle to One Piece. The anime has been around for decades and amassed hundreds if not thousands of characters. As you can guess, One Piece fans have had their fun with the Straw Hats over the years, and that is why one artist decided to import the pirates to Nintendo's most famous brawler.

The artwork comes from the user ProfessorGemini on Reddit. The piece, which is affectionately called Super StrawHat Bros. Ultimate, brings together some of the biggest heroes of Nintendo and One Piece. And yes, that is Luffy dressed up as Mario.

As you can see down below, the artwork shows Luffy in the center dressed up as Mario. There is no visual on Luigi here, but fans are certain they know who is playing the green plumber. Sabo could fill the role is need be, but Luigi is more than ready to meet Ace if given the chance.

Super StrawHat Bros: Ultimate from r/OnePiece

As for the rest of the crossover, Zoro puts his swordsmanship to the test when he picks up Link's Master Sword. He is joined by Robin who adopts Zelda's persona as well as that of Sheik.

Nami is shown to the bottom right dressed as Daisy while Zeus dons a mushroom cap just like Toad. Tony Tony Chopper can be found at the bottom riding one of Kirby's stars, and Sanji is to the left of Mario D. Luffy as Snake.


As for the rest of the crew, Franky is looking fierce as Donkey Kong while Jinbe trades the sea for lava as Bowser. Brook goes full Fire Emblem with his Marth getup while Usopp charges up an attack as Mega-Man. The final members come down to Carrot and Vivi as the former signs up to play Isabelle while Vivi channels her inner Rosalina. Now, the only question remaining is who will play Samus, but we think Boa Hancock can cover for that hero!

What do you think about this One Piece makeover? Should one of the Straw Hats be added to Super Smash Bros? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.