One Piece Creator Reveals Their Favorite Scenes in the Anime

There are over 900 episodes of One Piece by now, so it goes without saying a lot has happened. The seafaring story has put the Straw Hat crew in all sorts of strange places. After all of this time, it only makes sense for fans to have carved out favorite moments from the show, and it turns the same goes for the series' creator.

Recently, Eiichiro Oda told fans that much was true in an interview overseas. The lengthy interview touched on several topics of Oda's life, and it was there the creator shared favorite moments from the anime. These three scenes from One Piece stick out to Oda for special reasons and they may come as a surprise.

As summarized by fan-translator sandman_ap, Oda has three scenes from the anime he loves to bits. The first is the opening scene of Wano as it shows the island nation's capitol city. The gorgeous setting stunned readers of the manga, and the anime made the Wano capitol shine like never before.

one piece luffy wano
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Another one of his favorite One Piece scenes is found between Robin and Usopp. The moment comes as the Straw Hat crew begins their exploration of Sabaody Archipelago. The area is made up entirely of mangrove trees, and Robin is left to explain the fauna to her friends. She even gifts some tree sap to Usopp after explaining its impressive properties. Oda said this moment ranks for him as it fleshes out quiet world-building in the series.

The final scene mentioned by Oda can be found in the Skypiea arc. Oda said he loves the campfire scene in this arc, and he wanted to draw it the most out of anything. Clearly, the creator has a thing for the show's slice-of-life moments, and we can't blame him given how well One Piece brings them to life.


What do you make of Oda's list of favorite moments? Do you agree, or did your top scene not make the cut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.