One Piece x Bleach Art Imagines Fierce Zoro and Grimmjow Fusion

One Piece is currently wading through the insane challenges of Wano Country, and Bleach is set to return with the final chapter of its original anime series as well as a spin-off series in Burn The Witch, so what better time than now to merge the two Shonen series together? One artist decided to create a character that takes the Straw Hat Pirates' resident swordsman and one of the fiercest members of the Arrancar. With Bleach set to finish off its story in proper fashion with the One Thousand Year War Blood Arc, fans of Ichigo Kurosaki are definitely jumpin into the world once again!

The Arrancar were a group of warriors that were originally Hollows, but were able to take on human forms by freeing themselves of their masks and gaining powers similar to those of the Soul Society. With Ichigo eventually coming to terms with the members of the Soul Society that had kidnapped his friend Rukia, he eventually joined forces with his former foes in order to take down the former Hollows. Grimmjow was one of the first enemies of the Arrancar that Ichigo faced and definitely earned his place as one of their strongest members in their supernatural roster!

Instagram Artist The_Anime_Shinobi created a breath taking fusion that perfectly captures both Roronoa Zoro and Grimmjow into one character, proving that the Shonen characters might be far more similiar than fans originally had thought, at least when it comes to their looks:

Zoro has currently been in the spotlight during the Wano Country Arc, as he has been given one of the legendary swords of the isolated nation and might very well be the savior to finally kill the invincible pirate of Kaido.

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