'One Piece' Spoilers Detail Big Mom's Rampage

This week will mark another step for One Piece, and fans are eager to see how the manga will carry on after its latest chapter. The last time fans saw One Piece, the Straw Hat gang had come under attack by Big Mom who ambushed the Thousand Sunny. Now, a set of reported spoilers for the manga have dropped, and they have fans biting their nails.

Warning! Potential spoilers for One Piece's 890th chapter:

Over on Reddit, netizens gathered after several fans posted a string of reported spoilers for One Piece's next chapter. Weekly Shonen Jump is set to publicly release the publication come Friday, but summaries of the chapter seem to have leaked. So, spoilers below!

According to a user known as Sandman, the new chapter will focus on Big Mom's assault on the Straw Hat crew. Last week, the Yonko forced her way onto the ship with Zeus and Prometheus at her side. The villain was desperate to find a wedding cake said to be housed on the Thousand Sunny, and Big Mom will do whatever it takes to find the dessert even if it means destroying the ship.

Jinbe will try to inform Big Mom that the crew doesn't have a cake, but she isn't inclined to listen. The summary goes on to detail that Big Mom will fight one-on-one with Jinbe, Nami, and even Chopper before the waning Yonko can be pushed back. The villain seems to have lost her gumption now she has slimmed down, and fans are thinking the gradual transformation isn't one that will empower Big Mom. Instead, readers are growing more convinced that the villain's diet will only weaken the incredibly powerful pirate, so she is really going to need some cake soon.


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