One Piece Breaks Apart One of Its Fan-Favorite Alliances

One Piece is ready to welcome the dawn of a new era. After years spent in Wano, our heroes are ready to leave the nation's saga behind them and undertake a new journey. Of course, that means the Straw Hats have big things on the horizon, and they're not the only bunch of pirates chomping at the bit. The same can be said for Luffy's allies, and now, it seems his best team-up yet has ended.

The update was a long time coming, and it was shared in chapter 1057 of One Piece. The whole thing got underway as Luffy boarded his own ship at Tokage Port in Udon, and his exit was done alongside two others. Law and the Heart Pirates boarded their submarine while Eustass Kid got his crew in line. The three teams have been working together throughout the Wano saga, and Luffy's alliance with Law goes even further back. And now, it seems the bond has been broken though amicably so.

"If we ever run into each other again out there, we're total enemies," Law reminds the group before they head their separate ways. "If people die, so be it."

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Luffy is quick to agree, and Kid does as well before sailing out of the port. The group's deeds at Wano have made these pirate crews more famous than ever, and that goes doubly for the captains. Law, Kid, and Luffy brought down two Emperors though the pair still survived the fight. Now, the trio has to prove they're just as formidable without their allies from Wano. And given what fans know about the gang, we'd say their reputations are pretty safe.

What do you make of this alliance's breakup? Do you think Luffy will team up with Law or Kid again...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.