One Piece Cover Art Brings Color to Luffy's Gear Fifth Form

One Piece's Wano saga has come to a close in the manga, but the anime series is still adapting one of the series' biggest battles to date. While the television series plays catch-up, one of the most significant moments in Luffy's life is coming up. Gear Fifth is looking to arrive on the small screen soon, and a new piece of cover art gives us a look at Luffy's most powerful transformation in full color.

Over the course of Eiichiro Oda's epic swashbuckling series, Luffy has achieved four transformations that were granted to him through hard work and the wild abilities of his Devil Fruit. In his fight against Kaido, Gear Fifth emerged thanks in part to the revelation that his Devil Fruit was actually part of the Mythical Zoan line of edibles, granting Luffy the power of the Sun God Nika. In this new form, Luffy can effectively become a living cartoon, growing multiple sizes larger while also being able to perform feats such as transforming random material into a rubber-like substance and managing to pluck lightning bolts out of the sky to hurl at enemies. With Gear Fifth's arrival to the anime adaptation nigh, Toei Animation definitely has their work cut out for them with Luffy's new technique.

Twitter User Eten Boby shared a first look at the 103rd volume of One Piece's manga, which not only gives us a new look at Luffy's Gear Fifth in color but also features Kaido in his hybrid form along with Law and Kidd of the Worst Generation to name a few:

Taking a month-long hiatus, Eiichiro Oda has recently returned to his manga masterpiece, promising that the current storyline will be the "Final Arc" of the series. Having worked on the franchise for over two decades at this point, the mangaka has promised to leave everything on the table and it definitely wouldn't be a surprise if we see much more of Luffy's Gear Fifth transformation in the final journey of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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