One Piece Creator Goes Viral Over a Simple Emotional Fan-Story

One Piece's creator, Eiichiro Oda, has been in the news a lot lately thanks in part to revealing that the story of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates might be coming to an end within the next five years, but one fan has revealed an emotional story as to why the legendary mangaka continues to work so hard on the popular franchise. Having worked on the world of the Grand Line for decades at this point, with the series premiering on 1997, the work ethic of Oda has long been thought of as extraordinary and his love of anime is apparent!

Currently, One Piece is focusing on the War for Wano Country in both the anime and the manga, as Luffy and his crew attempt to free the citizens of this isolated nation from the nefarious grasp of the Beast Pirates, Kaido, and the vengeful shogun known as Orochi. With Luffy and company assembling not only their own crew, but a number of resistance fighters that are looking to change the path of their nation in the memory of their leader of Kazuki Oden, we can't wait to see how this epic battle in One Piece finally comes to a close!

Reddit User SwervoSuave found this heart warming excerpt that Eiichiro Oda shared, detailing how he continues to work on the series of One Piece based on younger fans enjoying the series on television in a restaurant that the mangaka frequented:

This quote is why I love Oda! Even though I’m only on vol. 17 lol from r/OnePiece

One Piece continues to be one of the biggest Shonen series in existence today, vying for the top spot among the likes of Dragon Ball, Naruto, and the other staples of Weekly Shonen Jump. With a number of feature length films and coming up on one thousand episodes of its anime, the story of the Straw Hats might be coming to a close within five years, but its legacy will live on long after its conclusion.

Eiichiro Oda has used his status as the creator of this big series to do good for the world, donating money to his hometown and erecting statues that have helped in bring in a big number of tourists. With so much hard work under his belt, he has certainly earned his retirement if he doesn't work on a new property following One Piece's end.


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